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My bespoke pet portraits are hand-drawn using fine liners, watercolours, and pencils. Working from photographs and a few stories of your pet, I aim to capture the essence of their character that will be with you for years to come. 


During your commission, I will keep you updated at each stage of the portrait to ensure that I’m not only producing a realistic physical representation of your beloved pet but also capturing their unique character.


So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one's birthday, Christmas or anniversary or just want to order your very own pet keepsake you’re in the right place.

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a step by step guide to how my pet portraits come to life


Working from the photographs and the stories you share of your pet, I will get to work on capturing their character within the portrait.


I start with an initial pencil sketch of the subject on the pages. Once you've confirmed you're happy with the composition I will begin outlining the figures.


From there I'll begin painting your portrait, gradually building layers of colour, tone and texture using watercolours and pencils.


Once you've confirmed you're happy with the final portrait it'll be packed and posted within 24 hours.


some previous pet portrait commissions I've completed
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a guide to costs and timeframes

Single Subject:


Two Subjects:

£120 (together)  £140 (separate sheets)

Three Subjects:

£155 (together) £200 (separate sheets)

Postage: £6

I generally work on A3 watercolour sheets and your portrait will be roughly A4 in size with a border around the edges. Alternative shapes and sizes are available for your portrait - please email me directly to discuss your requirements.

The usual timeframe is 2 - 3 weeks for a standard portrait. Please be aware that Christmas is my busiest time of year for portraits - therefore I recommend your order early to avoid disappointment.

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You can order your pet portrait today either directly through my online store, by following the link, or by contacting me directly below. To discuss any additional requirement you have for your portrait such as size, shape, colour etc. please don't hesitate to get in touch.