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Add a touch of colour & a bit of fun to your home with one of my animal illustrations.


Each illustration is hand-drawn using pencils, fine liner and coloured using a mix of watercolour paints and colour pencils. Each illustration is scanned in and placed against a coloured background to make it POP!


Check out the gallery below, featuring examples of my work on a range of prints, cushions, and mugs that make amazing gifts for friends, family or just you! 

Make sure you head over to my Etsy store ChrisMillardCreative where you can order my animal illustration range & see more examples of my work.


If there is an item you're looking for you don't see in the store or a specific animal you'd like illustrated, please get in contact with me as the selection above doesn't include all of my current projects.


Keep up to date on the latest markets, craft fairs and events I'll be taking part in & find out where you can get your hands on my latest designs and illustrations.


** 2020 UPDATE ** 


Currently, there are a lot of restrictions, uncertainty & unfortunately cancellations around scheduled events for this year. As soon as things become more settled and we return to a more familiar routine I will update you on which events I'll be taking part in.


In the meantime, my prints and gifts are available to order online through my Etsy shop - here